Have you ever been stuck in mud? No!!! I MEAN REALLY stuck in the mud.!! It’s almost as if the mud has it’s own suction hose pulling you back. The muck and the mire cling to you unashamedly hoping to keep you down. Please take note of what I just said. The muck and the mire seek to keep you down. 

Now, personally I greatly dislike mud– real or proverbial.  I seem to find ways of getting stuck without even being near dirt or water. Part of my problem…. and I do mean only part…. is that I try too hard to please everyone. This is IMPOSSIBLE  (in case you have never tried it)!!  One thing I am learning is that when I am trying to please everyone I generally end up not pleasing anyone– including myself. I tend to get in over my head with this mentality. For me, I think the fear of someone being angry with me motivates me to try so hard to please. I do it automatically. It’s intrinsically woven into the fiber of my being. I hope to learn to maneuver these muddy waters before I sink!!


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