You know, many times when people say they want to commit suicide; I don’t believe they actually want to die. In my opinion, I think most just want the PAIN to go away. STOP, STOP, STOP!!!! Please would the pain just stop!!! I’ve heard people say that committing suicide is the coward’s way out. While I in no way think that suicide is the right answer to any problem; I understand the place some people find themselves in when they are at their lowest. It’s a devastating blow to our minds. It’s a place where darkness lives. It’s a place without hope. Without light. Without peace. There are no answers here. So no, it is not a coward’s way out. It is the last act of a desperate heart that could find no solace here. My heart breaks for this. 

2 thoughts on “I Just Want the Pain to Stop

  1. Again, I agree. Some people, well many people have really, hard, tough lives,and experiences. When life is that hard for people, seriously hard., Suicide can seem like a viable option. But then if you commit such an act, those who have abused, or used you, they win. Because you offer them a victory, in terms of your accuquisense. Don’t do that. Stay strong, by showing , their cruelty and nastiness will not affect your life, and that you will find happiness and contentment, in spite of their efforts to make your life and existence a bloody misery.

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