Brain thickets are nasty to navigate!! For me, once I let one thought in, the door is open for all kinds of wacko thoughts to invade. Some in the form of fear, worry, doubt, and the ever present , “what if?” scenarios. Those are the worst because it’s a never ending tirade of “what if” suggestions running through your head. I can remember days where my mind was so caught up in a myriad of thoughts attacking me. They held nothing back in their attack.  Some were accusing me that I had done such and such wrong, others tormenting me that I was wicked and there was no help for me. I was told that over and over by leaders in the cult regularly. My then husband told me often that I was demon possessed or that I was going to hell. I tried very hard to please, but it didn’t matter what I did; it was always the wrong thing. I remember getting in trouble for not pushing the chair in at the table when I got up from eating. It didn’t matter that I had five kids and a husband that I was waiting on constantly. I was up and down getting their food and drink and cleaning up messes. Which I didn’t mind doing for my family; I just didn’t like getting reprimanded for not pushing my chair in. Scolding me like I was a toddler. Always putting me down and making me inferior. I think when people put other people down it is to make themselves look good. They just don’t know that it does the opposite.

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