it’s been a very difficult few days. I am not sure why, but i have been encompassed by a thick, dark fog. It has wrapped itself around me and dug it’s claws deeply into my psyche. I wish I could say that having dealt with depression for awhile that when I recognize it I know how to overcome it;  but it just ain’t so. It’s amazing to me how the fog so quickly invades every part of me. I see her strut right into my mind and set up shop as if she owns the place. In her mind, she does and unfortunately at the moment she does in my mind too. This line of thinking renders me useless. I hate it that I have these thoughts. I hate it that I’m depressed. Everyone always says to not give up and keep moving forward, but honestly where’s the strength I need to accomplish this task??? i think I’ll eat a whoopie pie.

20 thoughts on “whoopie pie

  1. Been there so many times, my love.. and that is the irony of it all, you’d think after defeating depression on so many days, you’ll eventually be able to move past it and learn to work around it… but I guess that’s the thing about depression; it has nothing to do with life. Eat the pie, give yourself a rest and when you’re ready ask depression to leave for she is an uninvited horrible guest.
    Power and love to you ❤

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  2. I know that feeling too , happened to me a few weeks ago . And I had dealt with it a few years back . I thought , it will never happen again because I’ll see it and know it . But there it was .

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      1. It took me awhile to get mine going , and it’s sometimes discouraging because it’s difficult getting traffic to your site . But , I’ll tell you , yours is very interesting content . Brutally honest . I like it .

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