On May 13th of this year, my beloved sister Rhonda passed away from pancreatic cancer. This is uncharted territory for me. I am one of four sisters– Johnna, Rhonda, me, and Sonya. Now there are three….it’s just not right. Rhonda was vibrant, beautiful, feisty, intelligent and an awesome mother, wife, and nurse. She was just 52 when she died. I have passed through many troubled waters on my journey, but this is one I will not get over anytime soon–if ever. A piece of me is gone. I’m trying to navigate life without her now. The new normal. I want to call her and hear her laugh. The following poem I wrote shortly after she passed. 

i wonder does she know that she’s always on my mind?

does she see the vast expanse that her absence left behind?

does she know she’s in our hearts and will never seep away?

even as the sorrows that we face somehow fill our day?

i know she’s with You now and is out of all her pain

for that i am so thankful for the wonders that she’s gained

bliss– unending joy just sitting at Your feet

it’s hard to imagine the moment when at last You two did meet

since You have her in Your arms, please tell her of my love

and that i’ll miss her everyday till i am up above

by donna marie

5 thoughts on “Rhonda Lynn

  1. So sorry for ur loss. I believe that if someone is on ur mind and in ur heart then they too know about it. She is not here with us but i can assure u she knows.

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