when i see you, it resembles me – in different tones and shades you see

we both make up the lines of time, when our lives were so sublime

sublime to who? you or me? no; the one’s who hammered us to the tree

a facade it was in dark detail – outlining our souls so we would fail

they say you can’t keep a good woman down

God made sure of that – since He wears the crown

i see you now – beautiful and free

they did not win – no sirree!!

you inspire me to believe brand new

to never let what they did to me and you

tear me away from light and love

the true words falling from above

donna marie

One thought on “4 s

  1. Beautiful- the picture made me think of those happy days in grade school when all I knew how to draw were daisies white petals and yellow circle in the middle:)

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