This has been a difficult week for me and when I found out I had been nominated for the Unique Blogger Award– I smiled. It’s so wonderful that we have the ability to make people smile. So, thank you F and M from , “our silent reverie”  for nominating me for this award. For making me smile. I’ve known you two from our little corner of blog writing and it has been enriching getting to know you even a little. You are both so talented with your writing and illustrations. If you have not made it to their blog yet, please stop by because you will not want to miss it.

The Duties of a Unique Blogger Award nominee: 

  • If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Unique Blogger Award.
  • Common courtesy! Thank the person who nominated you. Link them into your “Unique Blogger Award” response!
  • Answer the 3 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask the people you nominate 3 questions.


I nominate:

Kathimckinley from It’s Ok Not to Be Ok

Don from kindness bears kindness


My 3 answers to F and M’s questions:

1. My most cherished childhood memory is when it rained, my stepfather would gather my younger sister and I up in the truck and drive us to the park where there was a big playground and he would stand under a tree watching us as we played in the pouring rain and got all muddy.

2. In my case, I believe that “likes” and comments play a huge role in my ability to continue to post new posts. I am fairly certain that if I did not have any “likes” or comments that I would continue to post because writing is cathartic for me…..but “likes” and comments make it more rewarding.

3. From Joni Mitchell’s A Case of You–“you’re in my blood like holy wine, you taste so bitter and so sweet….I could drink a case of you darling and still be on my feet. I love this whole song and I sing it quite often. It speaks of love so deep and powerful.

My three questions for the nominees are:

Tell me something important that is not known about you.

What is the most difficult thing about blogging?

What do you hope to accomplish by blogging?


Congratulations to all of these.  You are all amazing and truly unique.

Thank you again F (&M)  for your nomination.

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