So…. I’m thinking about blotchy redness on my face. I figure that, you know, since I did grow five children in my body and give it over to the game of , “Let’s see how far we can stretch your stomach!” — that maybe I could catch a break now that I have entered the “50” club. I just want to make this clear before I move on about the stretching first. My firstborn weighed 9lbs. 7oz.!! He looked like a toddler next to the 4lb. twins in the nursery! So yes I have stretch marks. Oh well, I never liked wearing a bikini anyway. But this….. this blotchy redness on my face that comes with the hot flashes…. well–I HATE IT. No mincing words there. Some have said to me that it just looks like I have natural blush on all the time. Bull-crap. The splotches are not in the correct place to appear as natural blush. I look like a clown and if anyone knows me they know I detest clowns. I can’t even watch the trailer for the new Stephen King movie because it’s about an evil clown. Yuck! SO…. it seems to me that we as females got the raw end of the deal. I know, I know, we get the blessing of making a tiny human inside our bodies.  But — we also get the weight gain and the horrendous  experience of pushing out an almost 10lb kid out of a tiny space. I’m not seeing where this evens out men. Because NOW I have daily hot flashes filled with sweat (which is so nice right after my shower) and I get to look like a clown with natural blush!!! Oh, one more thing, I feel like I have to pee all the time because of carrying five children. I would still like to wear cute panties for at least a few more years. :/  Just one of those things that irk me.

One thought on “Another thing that irks me.

  1. It’s absolutely amazing that you have five kids😀😁. Men however life is favorable for them, will always need a woman for the survival of human race. (Though they’re the men 😂) Maybe you should try hormone replacement, if hot flushes are that troublesome 😊 nice post 👍

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