Fear kept me there. The fear never left. This was supposed to be a church. How did this happen? How could leaders--Joan and Adrian— become so evil? How could I have lost myself? Am I that gullible? There are a myriad of emotions lobbying for control right now. I want you to understand what happened. I want to convey the depths of hell I experienced. I can only write a small segment at a time; but I hope eventually you will get the whole picture. I write this because a grave injustice has taken place. Lives were destroyed. People lost their minds. Families were torn apart. I don’t ever want this to happen to someone else. If my story can prevent someone from falling into something like this; then it is worth it.

Fear is a powerful tool. For me, it ruled me. I have five children. My kids mean everything to me. My kids were used by the leaders and my husband to keep me there. I have a friend (S) who was married (to D) and had two beautiful girls. I watched, over a period of time, as she systematically had her kids taken from her. She was cast aside like a used menstrual cloth. She was a wonderful mom, but because she needed medication that Joan and Adrian deemed evil; she was driven out of our group. She wasn’t holy anymore. And so began the constant barrage of indoctrination of  S’s kids. They told them regularly that there mom was now against God. They worked on her husband until he finally agreed to divorce her. (Remember, this is all because she needed medication) Now came the custody battle. I wasn’t allowed to go to the court for this.  I later learned what happened. Joan, Adrian, and D all made up lies about S. The judge ended the battle by granting full custody to D. S completely lost it– screaming like crazy. The only way this could have happened is that there was a deep evil at work there. I knew if she could lose her kids then I could too. I was stuck. I would not leave my kids.

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