why do i pull the covers back, brush off the sheets several times, then slide my hand under my pillow before  i can get into my bed each night?

why do i have to have certain numbers on the volume when switching? why is 17 okay, but 9 isn’t?

why can I not have any of the windows down in my car while i’m driving?

why do i have to hold my couch pillow with the lines going horizontally?

why can i not eat food made by other people?

why do i have to park in the same three rows at walmart’s parking lot? 

why can i not hold someone’s hand after i’ve seen them scratch their head?

why do i play songs in a certain order?

why do i get upset when i can’t “fix” something I want changed?

why can i not eat cantaloupe without it making me think of the word, “flesh”?

why do i worry about people having dirty or germy hands so much??

why will I never be able to buy clothes at a thrift store?

why?? because i feel like i have to. it’s an overwhelming urge at times.

OCD  obsessive compulsive disorder 

For the many people who suffer from this disorder, you are not alone.

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