If nothing else comes from my writing about “The Lord’s Farm” cult run by Joan and Adrian, I pray some sort of accountability for them would come. I have told you all very small bits and pieces from my experience, but I know every single person who survived this terror. I know many of the struggles they have faced and some still face because of this. Their lives, no–OUR lives will never be the same.

I talked to someone the other day and they told me of their experience as a child on the farm. This person remembered being about six years old at the time and sitting on an adult’s lap with the Bible open. The adult made the child read the verse aloud and then proceeded to tell this child that they were a liar and satan was their father and they would go to hell. The person said that there wasn’t a “maybe” you will go to hell if you don’t behave better……it was, “You’re going to hell.” This sentiment was all too common. This individual grew up thinking that hell was their only destination. I do know that God says that it were better if a millstone were hung around your neck and thrown into the sea than to have offended one of these little ones. I say Amen to that. It kills me to think of the struggles of the innocent from this. If I have to, I’ll write one blog at a time until I can’t write any more to bring light to the sensitive subject.

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