omgoodness!! one of my sisters, Johnna Anna, was at the “Lord’s Farm”  (cult- for those of you who are just tuning in) during the same time frame that i was there. well, the other day we were discussing some specific things that happened while we were there. as we were talking, i asked her if she had seen joan and adrian (the cult leaders) since we got away? She had seen them and she also told me something that just made me laugh. whenever she finds herself driving past where they now live; she…. well…. she “gives them the finger” while she is driving by. i thought i might pee myself laughing!! i asked her is she was 12 years old?? so yesterday she gave me a call and wanted to tell me that she had passed their house and had put her whole arm out with her finger up–for me. i laughed as i envisioned my elder sister “flippin the bird” to them.

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