i had a friend of mine notice that i wasn’t doing all that well last week.  my friend, S, reached out to me and became a sounding board for me. it really is a lifeline to have someone see you. i mean really see you. see past my outer shell and into my fading heart. so…..S…..thank you for your kindness and thank you for taking time to allow me to vent.

one thing i have learned over the years is that through deep pain we can acquire many wonderful treasures. we only have to be careful not to let our hearts get hard and jaded; as this would not allow us to gain our treasures.  i am so grateful that i am able to empathize with people so much more now. my heart truly aches for those who are suffering. so i am going to start a Mental Health support group for the area i live in. i am currently researching some tips on how to begin this support group. if any of you have knowledge of this, i would greatly appreciate your advice. thanks!!

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