sometimes i have unfortunate happenings in my life. as a matter of fact; i think i am a magnet for these happenings.

last Sunday, my family all went to one of my sister’s church because their family had a huge announcement and they wanted us there for it. so i’m sitting next to my husband listening to what’s being said  i begin to feel rumblings in my stomach. so i get up to use the restroom; which happens to be way over on the other side of the church!!

so i make it to the bathroom and do my little ritual that i do when i use a public restroom.  (putting toilet paper all over the seat) when i stand up, the toilet paper (that happens to be thinner than air) is now stuck to my backside and legs. As i’m pulling the pieces of tp off:  i look on the floor.  there……on the floor…..under  my shoe, is a piece of toilet paper that i used to wipe myself with!!!! omgoodness!!! seriously….why do these things happen to me?

so my good shoes now had crap on them!!! i waited for the ladies to leave the bathroom and emerged ready to clean my shoes. i scrubbed them till they glistened and put them on and went back to my seat…….with no one the wiser!


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