My early elementary school years were fun and happy. I remember always being eager to be at school. Then we moved. I started a new school. Things seemed well enough at first; but then these two boys (Brian and Eric)  in my class began to bully me. Brian and Eric came up with a new name for me– Poochie. They called me this throughout the day–every day. There was no let up. I remember when our class would be out on the playground playing dodge ball and they would yell out loud for no one to let me play. I was humiliated. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole. More than anything== I wanted to know why they hated me. What had I done to cause them to pick me to torture?  Was it because I was a little chubby? I remembered feeling so desperate to know how to make someone like me. ……….I guess I’m wondering– how do mean people choose who they will bully?

8 thoughts on “Bully for me

  1. And how do mean people choose who to bully? They look for weakness. I was bullied as a child, but learned to ‘slip under the radar’ (pretending not to be as nerdy as I was and keeping quiet). I’m not proud of it, but I was only a short ass.

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      1. Its a hard thing but u know what u develop a lot of character out of it, the smallest bits of things like even though u were bullied u chose not to become one is a pretty big deal its like u ended the line of torment with u – its like saying i took it all but enough – ENOUGH

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