I don’t understand why we as humans are so hard and exacting on our fellow man. I mean who are we to ever judge or put someone else down? We are all frail at times. We are all but dust. I think of the word “normal”. What actually is normal and who was it that decided what normal is? No one is “normal”!!! We are uniquely created to be different and shine in our own ways. I may not completely understand someone else’s choices in life, but I also don’t know that person’s life story. I don’t know what some have went through to bring them where they are in life. I relate to this because I have been judged before because I still have many struggles relating to the abuse and trauma I went through for many years. I feel like these experiences have given me empathy for hurting souls. I want so much for those who are depressed, hurting, or just having a difficult time in life to know that they are not alone. When we reach out and share then we can be stronger together.

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