My sisters mean everything to me. We grew up in a close knit family and I am so very grateful for this. Even though my father was an alcoholic and my parents divorced when I was seven, the four of us sisters have always been close. My youngest sister, Sonya and I would make our room an entire town for our barbies. We would play barbies for hours and not even realize how long we were there. It makes me smile just thinking about it. I remember how my oldest sister, Johnna had this hysterical way to entertain me when I was young. She had three distinct characters she would pretend to be. She would close her eyes and do this thing that made her look like she was having a seizure. Upon opening her eyes, she would be Sylvia, Maryann, or Granny. Omgosh she was freaking hilarious!! Anytime I wanted her to “be someone else” she would go into her performance for me. Something I truly appreciated from my second oldest sister, Rhonda was how she seemed to understand my quirkiness. After the years at the “lord’s farm”, I was lost in myself and she knew how to reach out to me. I was amazed at how this spunky, no nonsense woman could hit the target when she talked to me. When she was sick and couldn’t sleep she would text to see if I was awake and we would talk at 2:00 am to help pass her time. I miss those times. For those of you who don’t know, I lost my sister Rhonda to pancreatic cancer in May of this year. Honestly, the pain is just as fresh as when she passed. I didn’t know my heart could hurt this much. One thing I’ve realized is that the pain is so much because we love her so much. It didn’t matter that growing up we bickered and argued as most siblings do; we are sisters and we love each other. That’s the way it is. We’ve all been through alot, but one thing is sure; my sisters and I will be there for each other.

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