Have you ever been afraid to be happy? I find that while I have had some difficult challenges through my life, the challenge to embrace being happy is harder than I thought. My brain, which has a habit of running every possible scenario through its caterpillar-like fibers, lulls me into feeling that if I am happy– the “other shoe will drop.” This terrifies me!!

For the past two weeks, my depression has taken a vacation. (I have not sent him a card!! lol ) I don’t remember the last time I was without my familiar companion. The feeling is new.  Tentative.  Fresh.  Who am I kidding??  It is wondrous!!!  But— I can’t shake the feeling of the “other shoe dropping”. So I hope as I charter beautiful waters, I enjoy the moments–not marring them by worry. Because we all know that eventually the “other shoe will drop”. It happens to everyone. So onward, one day a time.

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