The following was written by my sister, Johnna Anna a few days ago. Today is six months that we have been without our sister Rhonda Lynn. I am extremely blessed to have grown up in a family with four sisters.  Johnna, Rhonda, Donna, Sonya

Four strong walls that together made a fortress. Together the four provided security and safe haven, standing together arms locked against the winds of change that wanted to wreck us. We found comfort knowing we were together clinging to each other. Our lives so entwined, our hopes and fears guarded within those walls. No matter what, as long as we were together we could do anything, go anywhere because we knew that fortress would still stand. We comforted each other, we hurt each other, we cried, we laughed and we were always the four. But now, we are three. Life feels unsure and scary again. We don’t have our 4th to help hold us together. Life will never be the same. It feels empty and it hurts so bad. And now we must learn to stand together as three.

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