Her absence was felt more keenly than I care to admit. I see my beautiful niece smile. She is a picture of her mother– my sister. We are all walking where so many have walked before…..uncharted territory. No maps. No gps. No cell phone. We’re on our own. What’s the right thing to do? In my experience, that question can be a trap. The right thing…..the right thing…..Must we always do the “right thing”? As I see the unbearable pain etched in my brother-in-law’s face, I see that this dance we’re doing is better if done in the dark. Don’t think…..just feel inside you. I never in a million years would have guessed that my family would be at this juncture in life. Burying my beautiful sister far too early. And now….clawing our way through the dark…..hoping to find the way. I truly believe that I will never get over my sister dying. But I will…..eventually….. learn to live with her loss. May our family continue to be there for each other and love, love, love.

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