you know, i’m tired…….. tired of having to explain to people why i am not “better” yet.   “it was so long ago, why aren’t you over it?”    i wonder how many times i have fielded that question.  ignorant people should shut up.  should i repeat that?? it wouldn’t help–as long as people are breathing; there will be stupid people. it’s kinda like saying to someone who is battling cancer, “why aren’t you healed yet?” HELLO!!!  depression, bipolar, PTSD, obsessive/compulsive disorder are actual, REAL health problems.  you see, the brain is genuinely a part of our body. (not sure if you new that or not) it’s what you call an organ. (i know the sarcasm is thick)  just as any other organ in our body can become sick–our brain can too. so the next time you ask someone why they can’t stop being “depressed”– shut up!







































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