The Anatomy of an American Trucker


I never really thought about the lives of truck drivers much. Really, the only thinking I had was that the truck was in my way as I drove! Six years ago I married the sweetest man alive who happens to be a truck driver. Over these years, I traveled with him many times on the road. I always had my camera ready to chronicle our journeys. I thought it would be good to give you all a small taste of the life of an American Truck Driver. (Please note that the quality of many of the photos may be skewed a bit as they were taken from inside the truck behind the windshield covered with bugs.)

Small Town Humanity

I took pictures in our downtown today. I wanted to capture the people in a small town. I can imagine the difference between our idyllic town and a larger city like New York. The place I took pictures is the hub of our town, yet the people are sporadic throughout the city. My oldest son lives in Washington D.C. and when he comes to visit, he’s amazed at little movement is outside. He said it was so quiet. Just the way I like it.  


Home of the Brave

I am so proud of my son Andrew for serving in the United States Air Force. He served three terms overseas during our battle against terrorists. He watched as several of his squad ended up taking their own life from the horrors they endured. I am grateful to all who serve to keep us safe.