It’s swirling in my head, picking up speed

the familiar fog, that no one would need.

out of nowhere, it showed up like a flash

causing my head to ache and my teeth to gnash

you’re not invited, so please take your leave

i’m sure you know, that I will not grieve.

donna marie


runs thru my head

like icing on cake           

myriads of me

dragged through a rake.

ripping like shreds

so nothing makes sense

a confusion of sorts

bolstering my defense

what’s wrong with me?

when will it cease?

shutting the door

will it yield peace?

donna marie


tell me who you are, open up my eyes

 been blinded too many years, please from me don’t hide

for you are light and love, send it now on me

so i can see your smile, and better i will be

donna marie

none of them are me

if i wander down the street, what is it that i’ll see?

people who know who they are, but none of them are me

one day a girl whose smile shines bright is playing by the brook

but turning around you see her fall, and now she’s been mistook

no room for falls, just do it right so nothing mars the day

cause if it does, the pain jabs deep and imprints on your brain

donna marie


at the beginning all seemed right

now i’m drowning in the night

upside down i’m sinking

can’t stop what i’m thinking

didn’t you know it was true?

fire leaves a scar on you

donna marie

coming apart

when waiting on you breaks my heart, there’s no one else i can blame

i trudge my way back to the start, but find no one else in this game


trying to pick myself up, is more of a task than i knew

the pieces inside just erupt, and i find them messed up and askew


the glue isn’t holding so well, my brain melts them just at the thought

it breaks them and throws them pell-mell, while i see it was all just for naught


i’m angry and tired of this, it seems that i fell from the boat

i was swimming so as not to miss, the only thing keeping me afloat.

donna marie

waiting for you

waiting on you, i do not like

it appears to me you’ve been on a hike

you say i can find you if only i look

where do you hide, is it under a brook?

i’ve searched night and day, only to find

disappointment that reaches far in my mind.

donna marie




let it slip

take it out to sea

let it slip from your hands

hear the plunk as it hits the water

sinking beneath the choppy waves

landing on the floor, it opens

it appears to be the same here too

buried beneath the sea

there is no escape

donna marie