do i see them?

do i see the person out there

the wreckage of their lives?

when someone is destroyed by carnage

no light to help them thrive?

suffering alone is a familiar way to go

staggering just to stand up

but do i really know?

donna marie


so sweet

say you’ll be there for me

say you won’t let go

say you’ll hold me through the night

as i toss to and fro

tell me when it’s night

you’ll hold me till it’s morn

tell me when it’s dark

you’ll keep me through the storm


i don’t know how you do it

love so strong and sweet

you’re my forever love

ever since we did meet

(i love you scott lee)

donna marie


i am not stupid, this i surely know

why do i not know?

why can i not find the answer?

the darkness that envelopes me is suffocating 

i am happy….. i am happy

even as the heaviness presses me down

ohhhhhhhh-    misery-   misery far, misery near

leave, leave me be- i want no part of thee.

donna marie


in the corner of my mind, where the room is nice and new

i almost feel like falling, i see me turning blue

does it show upon my face? this alarmingly blue hue

donna marie


fly away

i don’t know who you are, i thought you were my friend

you don’t do that to someone, those rules aren’t made to bend

it hurts like hell you know, that dagger in my heart

you placed it with such care, as if a form of art.

please just leave me be, i won’t bother you

i’ll let you go and fly away, way beyond the blue



no noise

in between the folds where the wind is very low

I hear the faintest sound, it whispers on the go

I try to ascertain what the message is for me

but i’m all scrambled up and cannot hear the plea

when my mind is very dark, i can feel the words so near

it’s then it opens up, bringing nothing but a tear

I want to gather them up and put them on a plane

so they will leave my head, before i go insane

donna marie

eli’s poem

There was an old man named Shane

Who was born in the city of Spain

One day he went for a stroll

and was attacked by a very large troll

Said the troll to the Shane, “You will feel no pain,

if I may, I might take just one bite of your arm;

for soon I will eat your hands and feet, but for now I will take your arm.”

Then said the old man in fear, but it still was loud and clear.

“Do no harm to my arm for I use it in every way!”

“If you may, you might just save your bite for another day.”

“Why?” asked the troll in tears. “May I eat your legs?” he said swiping his tears.

“If you may, you might just save your bite for bacon and eggs instead of human legs.”

The old man was kind and changed his mind.

So the troll behaved good like all the trolls should.

So now the troll properly dined.

written my son, elijah thane when he was young