I don’t understand in our super anti aging obsessed culture how the eyelid has been overlooked!!! (or should I say “under looked”)?  I mean I constantly see ads or articles on anti-aging secrets; but no one is really addressing the shocking fact that eyelids show their age early!!! Am i the only one whose eyelids are wrinkly? Seriously- when I go to put my make up on, it’s not too bad everywhere else on my face until I am trying to put my eyeliner on. The stupid droopiness of my eyelids pull and crinkle and make trying to put a simple line on like a circus act. I have always been for aging naturally; oh I use oil of olay on my face regularly, but that’s as far as I go. Apparently I should have been rubbing it on my eyelids all along. I fear it’s too late for that now- the damage is done. :/  Alas! I am doomed to a saggy lid. Just like they say in the song The Streak, ” Too late Ethel, he’s already been mooned!!!!”  Oh well, could be worse. 😉

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